A few things have come together like a perfect storm this month to land me in a sticky situation: a lack of work hours, significant car repair bills and an upcoming trip means I will be unable to pay crucial bills. To make ends meet I’ve opened up commissions and added a donation button to the sidebar. 

» CLICK HERE « to see all relevant info, prices, and what swag I’m cooking up as a thank you for the donators among you. Make sure to check out my art tag and other two tumblrs to see what I can do for you. Feel free to send an ask or an email if you need clarification.

I totally understand that not everyone is in a position to buy my work or donate: if that is the case please please please do me the favor of signal boosting by reblogging! (You can even use that alt key + reblog thing.)

Help a gal out and get some art out of it, too!

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    Not sculpture, but you should commission Shivana cos she’s awesome. Also you get BONUS GIFTS! WHOA!
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    BITCHES CHECK THIS OUT AND BUY SOME SHIT or I will find you and stare at you, unblinking, for hours.
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    Momma needs rent money, and you need some swag. Rebloggin’ the info.
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    Commission my pal!! *3*/ Her art is 100% guaranteed to make you totally mega rad cool