You know they(the RCMP) shot & killed Snuffles the bear right? They posed for a picture with it, then they fucking shot it. :(

the official story from the RCMP outlets and Canadian news is that one of two bears were shot after human run-ins and yes, unfortunately, it could very well have been the bear in the photograph. it is a sad fact that when people encroach on bear territory, these kinds of interactions do not end well for the bears. i used to volunteer for a wilderness conservation and public education program so yeah, i’m aware. :( however, i don’t personally think it should take away from a really creative outpouring of talent? it’s a reality that exists with the happy part, not in spite of it. i don’t expect everyone to have the same opinion!

addendum: that said, i would take the time (if you’re interested in conservation, which i hope you all are) to research local efforts and at the very least find out what you can do to make living with wildlife easier! there’s not much to be done when it comes to the human population growing, but at the very least there are people working to protect bears— and plenty of other species— from habitat loss. i think we can enjoy a cartoon idea and take care of our bears. they don’t have to be polemic things.

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